Wednesday, 7 June 2017

OdySim in Paris!

Hi folks!

Not long after i've released Basketball, Percepts and Dodgeball, "Philou" of contacted me and asked me if i would want to make a few tweaks for the Tennis game of OdySim for an upcoming exposition in Paris, France and since Philou is a heck of a swell guy, i couldn't resist!

The exposition is called: "Game: Le jeu vidéo à travers le temps" (in english: Game: Video games across time") In Paris, France from March 1st to August 27th, 2017 at the EDF Fondation (address: 6 rue Récamier, 75007, Paris) which resume video games through time from the latest to the first ones (2017 to 1958). You can vist the expositon for free between Tuesday to Sunday from 12h (noon) to 19H.

And here's some screenshots of "OdySim Tennis" from two different videos:

And on a page of MO5 (, it states this (in original French format): " ... pour l’occasion, Sylvain De Chantal pour les même raisons avec l’émulateur OdySim dédié à l’Odyssey (1972), première console de jeux vidéo de l’Histoire, et enfin ... ". (in English: ... for the occasion, Sylvain De Chantal (that's my real name btw) for the same reason with the emulator (oups! it's a simulator!) OdySim dedicated to the Odyssey (1972), first game console in history, and finally ...). So i'm very proud and touched to see the work of OdySim be used to demonstrate how video games were like back in the beginning of the 70's and for historical purpose (i've bottled this news for about four months).

Here's an illustration of Ralph Baer from Erwann Terrier which is part of the 18 most influencial video game creators:

And here's two links (of many videos) of the expostition (Sorry! they are only in French!):

So if you pass in Paris (before August 27), be sure to make a stop to see the exposition and the best thing...welll actually two's free and you can play/learn about video games!

--- Sylvain De Chantal (aka Sly DC) ---

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

News and updates

Hi folks!

As i lost one of my 2 jobs, i have now some free time so i'm getting back on the "dev" bench to continue the OdySim as i left it aside for wwwaaayyy too long. So to complate all the released Odyssey games, here's the list of the missing games: Wipeout/Brainwave/Interplanetary Voyage/W.I.N. and Soccer. There is also Baseball and Invasion but i can't finalised those two games as i'm missing some scans for both games, so these will have to wait until someone can send me the missing scans.

Afterwhich, i'll do some homebrew games (Odball/Menthis Cohorst/Red vs. Blue) and as for "Captain Bruce and his Cosmic Boomerang", i need the authorization from the man himself (aka Chris Read) that i can make the simulation of his game.

As for Odball, Menthis Cohorst and Red vs. Blue, it's been a year exactly (really! see this post here: that i posted about those games and in December 2016, M.Vinciguerra finally reached me but "still" waiting for his authorization. Well after 6 months, i'm tired of waiting so i'll do his games without his authorization in the coming weeks.

Oh and i have other news like a new homebrew game by Chris Read and news about "Hadeaus War!". So stay "tuned" (now...that's retro!)

--- Sly DC ---

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Still alive (and not even lost in the Multiverse...)

Hi Folks!

Just a small post to say that i'm still alive and well since it's been more than 3 months now i haven't posted or done anything. With 2 jobs , have my kids each week-ends and packing and looking for a new place to live takes all the spare time i have so please know that i am very sorry if anything hasn't been done and that i also haven't replied to anyone (yet).

That will change in the coming month as my primary job is beginning the "dead" season so my hours will be reduced for at least between a month or two so i'll have spare time to continue the OdySim project (finally!).

And i have plenty of news to post so this summer won't be boring. So until next time, take care and enjoy life!

--- Sly DC ---

Friday, 3 February 2017

Basketball, Percepts and Dodgeball released!

Hi folks!

I wanted to release those three games for quite a time but was waiting for Chris Read if he like the simulated version of his Dodgeball game and just got his answer about three hours ago, so now i can officially release Dodgeball (and also Basketball and Percepts).

Here's a screenshot of Basketball:

And here's a screenshot of the only "Free Game" offer back then: Percepts!

And kept the best for last...Dodgeball!

As you can see, Dodgeball is a homebrew made by Chris Read (aka atari2600land) and it's the first game that i have incorporated the manual as now on, all homebrews will have their manual incorporated with the game.

Percepts has all the "green" and "purple" card simulated and Basketball has the "newer Scoreboard (1973) edition" incorporated (with also the mini-scoreboard). So please read all the manuals of each games to properly play them.

Enjoy! =)

--- Sly DC ---

P.S.: I have made a smal error and thanks to "Anonymous" to point out the error:

In the Percepts read-me text: i have put F/G and Z/X for the cards, but it is in fact 1&2 for the "Green" cards and 3&4 for the "Purple" cards, thanks! =)

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Review of Captain Bruce and his Cosmic Boomerang

Yesturday, i've received the second homebrew game by Chris Read (aka atari2600land) called: Captain Bruce and his Cosmic Boomerang after 5 days (pretty fast for shipping from the U.S. to Canada!) and like promised, here's my little review of the game:

If some of you didn't know, Chris first homebrew game for the Magnavox Odyssey was "Dodgeball" which was released in 2011 (now sold out) was a great addition to anyone Odyssey collection and now his second homebrew: "Captain Bruce and his Cosmic Boomerang" which was announced in 2012 but finally was released on April 1st, 2016 (and wasn't an April's fool joke) which is again another great addition to the Magnavox Odyssey game library!

Here's some pictures of the whole game package:

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, the lighning in my appartment is very lousy!

So you get a game manual sheet, an overlay (about 8.5" x 11"), a comic book (reminds me of the good old days of the Atari 2600 when some games included a comic book) and a Score Log flyer which features a cover and seven pages which you can write down the Date/Length/Score of each game you've played.

The only thing missing was the "proof of purchase paper" which i don't mind at all not getting it. And the "Surprise" announced on the pre-preorder thread is the "Score Log" in question. And the best thing is that you get all this for a mere $10! Yup, that's right... $10! That's a price anyone can afford!

To play the game, you will need "Cartridge #5" of your original Odyssey kit (which IS NOT INCLUDED with the game BTW) but i won't describe everything since all is written down on the manual sheet. And same thing as for the comic book, you see the cover and that's it! I won't spoil the story here. Simple to say that Captain Bruce is a shooter game and fun to play!

I'm still waiting for Chris what he thinks of the simulatied version of Dodgeball that i've sent him a few days ago and already in less than 24 hours upon receiving his Captain Bruce game, i've made the simulated version for the OdySim:

And as you can see in this screenshot, we see stars which is hard to see even on the original overlay as the stars are very tiny. And don't ask the OdySim version as i won't release it until Chris gives me his approval.

So if anyone wants a copy of Captain Bruce and his Cosmic Boomerang, you can still order one on this thread: Another Captain Bruce pre-preorder thread (Odyssey 1), while there's still copies left and for only $10, these will go very fast!

Friday, 20 January 2017

Fun Zoo, Handball and Volleyball now available!

Hi folks!

Today i'm releasing 3 games from  the "Extra Games of 1972 series" which are: Fun Zoo, Handball and Volleyball. Here's some screenshots:

I even added a new Volleyball overlay which features women silhouettes playing on a beach. I know that the overlay is dark but it's easier to see the net, ball and the two bats (aka spots).That overlay was inspired by the last Olympics as any of these ladies could beat my sorry ass with a hand tied (i know, i suck at!).

And please folks, read the "Read Me" text to know which buttons does what for each games. I was also going to release the homebrew game "Dodgeball" but i want to be sure that the author (Chris Read) will like the last version i've made so i'm waiting for him if it's OK or not.

The next batch of games will be Basketball and Percepts as these are already finished but want eventually to release both these games with Dodgeball and if Dodgeball isn't still approved by then, i'll release only those two.

So until the next release, enjoy these 3 games released today! =)


P.S: Since doesn't like many updates, here's the links of all 3 games:

* Fun Zoo: OdySim-FunZoo(0-10-1).zip

* Handball: OdySim-Handball(0-10-1).zip

* Volleyball: OdySim-Volleyball(0-10-1).zip

These (and future releases) will be available on my server of my personnal web site until i will upload them to

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Finally, posted comments works!

Hi again folks,

After a couple of months, i can finally post comments in the comment section. Seems there were a bug as my Google account was never showing in the add comments section, so now if you post a comment, i can reply in that same section...booya!

So Brian, check my reply! =)