Monday, 8 January 2018

Very late Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year!

Hi folks!

Last year wasn't my best year as many personal things happened but now it's a new year which just started and hopefully it will be (way) better than last year. So i'm back (for the better or worst...LOL!!).

But now all the files concerning the OdySim project are backed-up on a DVD somewhere (it's been 4-5 moths so a lot of water has passed under the bridge) but no fear, i won't have to dig too much. The only problem is to remember where i left off before all Hell broke loose.

I know that still need scans of some parts of "Baseball" and 'Invasion" to be able to finish the OdySim because there were only a few games left to simulate. So i'll be back very soon and in the meantime, here's a link to an auction which i find it a bit "disturbing":

Magnavox Odyssey 1 Video Game System Prototype Salesmen Sample

Look like it's a near mint Magnavox Odyssey but just plain ordinary as there is no paper or marks or indications that a "prototype" whatsoever...or even a salemen sample. If this would have been the Skill-O-Vision prototype than i would be drooling right now (LOL!!) but that's not the case.

So i wonder how much an Odyssey briefcase plus an Odyssey console both signed by Ralph H. Baer is worth ? Like i wrote, just wondering...

So "blog" you soon!

--- Sly DC ---

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Death in the family...

Last Sunday (September 17, 2017) my father passed away at the age of 75 of leukemia. He was
diagnosed with this cancer only in April and after 5 months, he his now in a better world.
As i would say, it's not a farewell but only a "next time" as we all must go one day.

So to my father, see you next time and until then, i'll miss you so much! :(

--- Sly "in mourning" DC ---

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Bad and good news

Hi folks,

I have bad & good news. Since i've moved (a month ago), my main hard disk (a 3 TB Seagate) has a (or more) bad sector(s) on it and some of my data are affected by this %?&%$?%& problem like my 1st generation game console database/Projects/etc...BUT! At least the problem didn't affected the OdySim folders and now these are already back-up on another hard disk (that's the good news!).

Now the bad news is that since the past month, i've been trying to save all the data on the 3 TB HD in my spare time and it's moving at a very slow (Turtle) paste and the worst is that even with 3 other hard disks, i'm beginning to have no more space and trying to back-up 2.75 TB (yup, it's almost full) on DVD-R's is completely insane as i would need more than 600 DVD-R's!! And no, i don't trust those "clouds" transfer service and all related as those sites are easely hacked.

So for the rest of July, there will be no new releases for the OdySim as i'm on vacation with my kids and if i'm lucky, work on the OdySim will resume in August "IF" i have saved all the data from my damn %?&?&$?! 3 TB Seagate HD and that's my priority for now as i don't want to loose a few years of accumulated data/other projects/information.

Like the Terminator says: "I'll be back!" (LOL!)

--- Sly DC ---

Saturday, 1 July 2017

New Odyssey homebrew game announced: Six2

Hi again folks!

atari2600land (aka Chris Read) has announced on April 10th 2017 on AtariAge forum ( a new game called Six2
which should be released this summer.

His new game involves square owning (little like Monopoly only simpler). The game will also have a one-player version. Can hardly wait to see the final product! 

This will be Chris third Odyssey homebrew game, continue the great work Chris! =)

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Working, snoozing and unpacking...

Hi folks,

I've finally moved into a new home a couple of days ago and still i haven't finished settling in as
i have a ton of boxes to unpack and with work & kids, it's going vvveerrryyy slow...(sigh).

I have to apologies to anyone that i still haven't replied or contacted since March like Zack Horton,
Adam Burkholder, Nathan Laws, Brian (aka CN10) and Ridwan Nurhaq Lamuda, etc.. but be sure
that i will reply back or contact you ASAP as we just begin summer, this will be the time as i'll have some spare time this summer and two weeks of vacation (oh yeah!!).

Quick reply to Trenicion: First, thanks very much for the offer to scan what is missing to simulate the game "Invasion". I am missing these so i can simulate the game properly: all 40 "Treasure Loot" Cards (all 40 "white side + one scan of brownish/gold side) and all x4 Ship tokens (each both sides if differs). So thanks very much in advanced for the scans!!

In any case, i did mention what was missing for "Invasion" and "Baseball" to simulate them in this post:

So until the next post, take care folks! =)

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

OdySim in Paris!

Hi folks!

Not long after i've released Basketball, Percepts and Dodgeball, "Philou" of contacted me and asked me if i would want to make a few tweaks for the Tennis game of OdySim for an upcoming exposition in Paris, France and since Philou is a heck of a swell guy, i couldn't resist!

The exposition is called: "Game: Le jeu vidéo à travers le temps" (in english: Game: Video games across time") In Paris, France from March 1st to August 27th, 2017 at the EDF Fondation (address: 6 rue Récamier, 75007, Paris) which resume video games through time from the latest to the first ones (2017 to 1958). You can vist the expositon for free between Tuesday to Sunday from 12h (noon) to 19H.

And here's some screenshots of "OdySim Tennis" from two different videos:

And on a page of MO5 (, it states this (in original French format): " ... pour l’occasion, Sylvain De Chantal pour les même raisons avec l’émulateur OdySim dédié à l’Odyssey (1972), première console de jeux vidéo de l’Histoire, et enfin ... ". (in English: ... for the occasion, Sylvain De Chantal (that's my real name btw) for the same reason with the emulator (oups! it's a simulator!) OdySim dedicated to the Odyssey (1972), first game console in history, and finally ...). So i'm very proud and touched to see the work of OdySim be used to demonstrate how video games were like back in the beginning of the 70's and for historical purpose (i've bottled this news for about four months).

Here's an illustration of Ralph Baer from Erwann Terrier which is part of the 18 most influencial video game creators:

And here's two links (of many videos) of the expostition (Sorry! they are only in French!):

So if you pass in Paris (before August 27), be sure to make a stop to see the exposition and the best thing...welll actually two's free and you can play/learn about video games!

--- Sylvain De Chantal (aka Sly DC) ---

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

News and updates

Hi folks!

As i lost one of my 2 jobs, i have now some free time so i'm getting back on the "dev" bench to continue the OdySim as i left it aside for wwwaaayyy too long. So to complate all the released Odyssey games, here's the list of the missing games: Wipeout/Brainwave/Interplanetary Voyage/W.I.N. and Soccer. There is also Baseball and Invasion but i can't finalised those two games as i'm missing some scans for both games, so these will have to wait until someone can send me the missing scans.

Afterwhich, i'll do some homebrew games (Odball/Menthis Cohorst/Red vs. Blue) and as for "Captain Bruce and his Cosmic Boomerang", i need the authorization from the man himself (aka Chris Read) that i can make the simulation of his game.

As for Odball, Menthis Cohorst and Red vs. Blue, it's been a year exactly (really! see this post here: that i posted about those games and in December 2016, M.Vinciguerra finally reached me but "still" waiting for his authorization. Well after 6 months, i'm tired of waiting so i'll do his games without his authorization in the coming weeks.

Oh and i have other news like a new homebrew game by Chris Read and news about "Hadeaus War!". So stay "tuned" (now...that's retro!)

--- Sly DC ---